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Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Narrative Text - The Frog Princes

Long ago, in a land far away a prince lived with his mother, the queen, and his father, the king. The prince was very happy little boy. He played with the other boy and girl. He went to school with them too.
When the prince was sixteen, he said to the queen and the king “Can I get married?” “Yes,” said the king, “You can get married when you meet the right girl.”
“Mother,” said the prince, “I meet the right girl today. Her name is Sally.” “Oh, no, said the king.” Where are all the princesses? There are no princesses in our land.” “No,” said the queen, “a long time ago, before you were born, a wizard turned all the little princesses into frog. Now, there are no princesses. The prince said, “But how can I change these frogs back into princesses?” “You must kiss the frog,” said the king,” That is the only way but remember although all princesses are frogs, not all frogs, not all frogs are princesses.
So the prince ran into the country side and found a lot of frogs and kissed them all, but nothing happened. Then a last, he found a frog that looked different. This frog was very beautiful and the prince was sure that this frog was a princess, So he picked up the frog and kissed it and “bang!” “Flash!” the frog turned into a beautiful princess. “Oh princess” said the prince, “will you marry me?” “Marry you? Said the princess, “Of course not! I can’t marry a prince who kisses frogs,” and then she walked away.

6 komentar:

  1. mbak aku copast ya cerita frog nya ^^

  2. Mb.. caranya nambahin jam sih gimana? scriptnya di taruh mana?? head? apa body? or etc?

  3. ya cari informasi di google kan banyak,. atw langsung klik ajj di gambar jam t4ku,.
    scriptnya ya sama kya fitur2 yg lain,. pake HTML,.
    klx mau taruh dimananya ya terserah,. tp klx bagusnya itu di samping,. hehe :D

  4. izin coppas ya buat tugas..乂⍱‿●乂

  5. izin copas : ceritanya keren, beda sama yang lain :D