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Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

ST 12

ST12 Band Profile

Members :

1. Ilham Febry alias Pepep (drums),
    Tempat, tanggal lahir: Padang, 9 Februari
    Hobi: Berenang, membaca buku
    Agama: Islam
    Motto hidup: Trying to be useful for the people
    Idola: Prophet Muhammad
    Penyanyi / Band Favorit: Toto, The Police, Dave Matthews Band
    Lagu Favorite: I’ll be over you

2. Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (guitarist)
    Tempat, tanggal lahir: Tasikmalaya, 9 Mei
    Hobi: Futsal, Badminton
    Agama: Islam
    Motto hidup: Be better
    Idola: Richie Sambora
    Penyanyi / Band Favorit: Bon Jovi
    Lagu Favorite: All Songs Bon Jovi

3. Muhammad Charlie van Houten alias Charlie (vocalist)
    Tempat, tanggal lahir: Cirebon, November
    Hobi: Writing songs
    Religion: Islam
    Life motto: Be better
    Idol: All singers and music players in Indonesia
    Singers / Band Favorites: All the singers and music groups in Indonesia
    Favorite songs: All songs Indonesia
    Greatest motivators in life: Father
*former member: Iman Rush (guitarist)

*Jalan Terbail (2006) 
* P.U.S.P.A (2008)
* P.U.S.P.A Repackage (2009)

Awards :
1. Reaching Multi Patinum Awards (2007) for the album of JALAN TERBAIK which reached more than             400,000 pieces
2. AMI Awards 2009 Nominations for the category:
   * Duo / Collaboration / Best Pop Group
   * The Best Music Characters
   * The Best Pop Album
   * The Best Record Producer
   * The Best New comer from the Best
   * The Best Album of the Best
   * TheBest Created Production of the Best
3. Reaching AMI Awards 2009 for Best Pop Album category
4. Reaching SCTV Music Awards 2009 categories :
   * Album Pop Duo / Group
   * Lagu Paling Ngetop (Saat Terakhir)
5. Reaching Inbox Awards 2009 category Best Band appearances in the video clips of Cari Pacar Lagi
6. Reaching Multi Platinum Awards (2009) for the PUSPA album which reached more than 400,000 pieces.
    ST12 name is an abbreviation of Jl. Stasiun Timur No. 12 is a provision of Pepep’s father, Helmi Aziz.
    Trinity Optima Production will begin to look ST12 after debut album, JALAN TERBAIK (2005), achieving     success. The second album, PUSPA (2008) is dedicated to Imam, released under the label of Trinity.

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